Here in my little neck of the woods it has been threatening to rain all day. The deep brooding air has been hanging over my head and leaving me feeling anxious and depressed. Shortly after arriving home after work the dark heavy clouds came bubbling and roiling over the sky to bring darkness for faster than normal. For hours bright flashes of lightening have been playing between the clouds like kids playing hide-and-go-seek in the summer night. About an hour ago the first low rumbles of thunder started to move in. You could feel the storm marching closer, the lightening became bright, and the long slow growls of thunder became louder and more frequent.

As I start to shut down for the night I can hear the first pinging drops of rain as they hit the fence and bird feeders that surround my back porch. They strike so hard that you could almost swear that you are hearing small stones being cast against the pavement. Soon the rain starts to fall in earnest, the hissing, hushing sound backed by the dragon deep purr of thunder is like a song to my worn soul and and battered heart. The rhythmic drumming of nature beckons me from the dark beyond my door.

The siren song leads me to the door and I stand just inside the screen letting the cool breeze that the storm brought with it caress my skin. The more I listen the less I am able to resist and I step out into the cool night and the embrace of the elements that call to me. Drops of rain bite into my skin, at first icy and then warming, I feel it run over my arms and tap against my scalp. I feel its kiss on my face and eyelids as my feet splash in the puddles. At first I just stand there, soaking in the rain like a flower in the drought.

Then my feet move, little swaying steps that drift into arcs, turns and spins. My hands following the movement of the rain and the wind. I let myself fall into the dance, no one can see, no one to care if I look silly or beautiful just me and the rain. While I dance I do not feel the fears and anxieties. My pain, heartbreak, and worry wash away with the water that flows over me. I let it go, at least for now, into the dark night of the storm. I dance like a woman possessed…and maybe I am…but I feel something loosen deep inside. Like a clenched fist letting go. I give over to the wonder and magic and just Dance.

Eventually I come back in. Dripping wet and exhausted. Tonight I can breathe for the first time in weeks.


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